The New Evolution of the Influencers Market

beaverQ is a marketplace that enables brands to find influencers for creating campaigns and reaching targeted audience, by analyzing what really matters - the influencers' audience.


Write your campaign's details - Short brief, goals, dates, creative and extra notes.


Choose the target audience you wanna reach to, and pick the most relevant influencers for your campaign.


Analyze the results, and measure your campaign's ROI.

They are also beavering

About Us

There's a story of a man who took from the rich and gave to the poor.
He believed in a simple idea of giving opportunities.
Everyone should have the ability to become someone. To make something meaningful. To be themselves, and get paid for it.
Well.. We got inspired, and created the first Marketplace that gives this opportunity for every social media user, to become an influencer, and be part of real campaigns.